Web Design Trends of 2022


We’ll be looking at the newest 2022 web design trends in this article. This blog will provide you with advice on how to make your website more appealing to your visitors, regardless of whether you are an experienced designer or someone who wants to learn more about web design. Let’s jump in!


1. Retro designs

Because they evoke nostalgia, retro designs are well-liked. They can be utilised to create a sense of the past or the future and evoke a sense of history.

People adore retro style because it gives them a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, like a different time when everything was clearer and simpler.

One of these trends is the deliberate overuse of patterns and vivid colours. The action is sometimes interpreted as a rejection of all things minimalism, one of the largest trends in the previous 10 years. To attain this aesthetic, web designers frequently look to the 1980s or 1990s for inspiration.


2. Interactive fonts

Interactive fonts are a new trend that will be rising in popularity over the next few years. Interactive fonts can be used to create many different types of interactive experiences, including games, music, art and even content.

Using them is pretty easy if you know how to code, but if not you can always use some type of tools like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch so that it doesn’t take too much time out of your day. Most interactive fonts include actions like movement when you hover over certain words.


3. Headline fonts

Since headlines make up the majority of your website, it is crucial that you pick a typeface that grabs attention and effectively communicates the message you want to get through. You can do this by employing typefaces with either a high x-height or a low cap height, serifs or sans-serifs, monospaced (“fixed”) letters, and huge fonts with basic shapes, serifs or sans-serifs.

Any style that a web designer is attempting to achieve, whether maximalist or minimalist, may be achieved by using big fonts. Using large typography as opposed to stuffing a page with pointless graphics is another option.


4. Interactive scrolling

The design idea of interactive scrolling has been around for a while, but it has recently gained favour again. The term “interactive scrolling sites” refers to websites whose content changes as you scroll down a page. This can be done using text and/or images that move or change in some way (e.g., zoom in or out), which gives the user more information about what they’re looking at without having to click on anything else.

The main benefits of interactive scrolling include making it easier for visitors who want more information about something not featured on the first page and giving them access quickly without having to go through multiple pages as standard slideshows do.


5. Optimised for page speed

To help your website rank higher in search results and get more visitors, it’s important that you optimise for page speed. This means using caching, compression, lazy loading, minification and browser caching. A cache is temporary storage space on a server that stores frequently accessed web pages so they can be retrieved quickly. Serving them from the cache instead of from the server that hosts your website will save time because fewer resources need to be used by both the server and the visitor’s computer.

Prior to transmission over the internet, compression reduces the size of an image file or video file by reamoving superfluous material. By decreasing the file size of photographs without compromising on quality, it also accelerates how quickly they load on websites. It is also quicker to load a page’s content in stages as opposed to all of its material at once when it is being read on a mobile device.


6. Abstract graphical design

A design that is abstract is one that is not inspired by an actual object. The definition of abstract is “not clear or exact,” which perfectly sums up how these designs typically lack a clear sense of purpose. Abstract graphics can take the form of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns or more natural elements like leaves or flowers.

You must have a solid understanding of colour theory and colour psychology in order to produce great abstract graphic designs that will appeal to your audience’s senses.


In Conclusion…

These are only a few of the numerous developments that web design will witness in 2022. Since the market is constantly evolving, staying up to date with these trends is crucial. We can assist businesses who need assistance with their web design. You can get advice from our incredibly skilled web design experts on what will be best for you and your goals. See how our staff can assist you, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to get things started.

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