Do you know what the best infrastructure
is for your company's needs?

How we can help:

Traditionally every SME business had a server room and an 'IT guy' but then came along the cloud which took away the need for all of that. Or did it?

The truth is that whilst cloud technologies have some amazingly useful functionality, not every business need is necessarily going to be best met by hosting all of your compute power in the cloud. Instead, we often find that the best option in some circumstances is a hybrid solution having both cloud and on-premise servers.

With this in mind we will work directly with you via Zoom* and spend a full day analysing the current state of your environment. We will evaluate what servers you currently operate, and for what use. Your current cloud environment will be analysed, if applicable, and with this in mind, your future business needs will be considered.

We will work with you to help you understand how different technologies can be applied inside your organisation to create a robust and efficient environment and enhance your output.

You will have the full and complete ability during the engagement to ask any relevant questions including about IT infrastructure, licensing and cloud design.

At the end of the 1-day engagement we will provide a platform definition report on the state of your existing systems and give detailed recommendations on what your next steps should be.


*On-site visits are available to arrange for an extra fee.

Direct 1-day engagement

Expedite your path to change implementation

Understand if a full cloud or hybrid system is best

Learn how cloud technologies enhance efficiencies

Examples of areas covered:

⋅ Cloud systems -  Analysis of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure platforms

⋅ Licensing requirements - Are you over or under provisioned?

⋅ OpEx / CapEx - Analysis of your current IT spend and how to better amend that to suit your needs.

⋅ Backup strategies - How are your backups managed and what can be done to guarantee business continuity?


Who will be running the engagement?

This engagement will be provided by our Chief Technology Officer, Tom Howarth, who is widely known throughout the virtualisation field as a leading architect. Tom has been awarded the VMware vEXPERT award every year since the accolade was introduced in 2009 and has previously worked across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia for organisations including VMWare, CapGemini, Hewlett Packard, AUCloud and the UK Ministry Of Defence.

Ready to take a step forwards?

Our standard 1-Day Platform Definition Engagement is priced at $1120USD / £800.
Contact us today to find out more details about the engagement and how to book in a session.

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