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Learn what you are doing right and what your business can do better to ensure optimal financial performance from a computing perspective.

Whilst you may think that your infrastructure is already fully optimised, nine times out of ten we can find areas where improvements can be made to lower your financial burden and also improve your system performance.

With a wide focus on every aspect of your IT architecture, we will evaluate if your organisation is correctly licensed and isn't over or under-provisioned. Having the incorrect licensing arrangements for your environment can be a costly mistake by either providing too much capability or exposing you to legal recourse from being under-provisioned.

The incorrect allocation of physical resources is an equally costly mistake that can often be made. By specifying hardware that has too much capability for your needs you not only needlessly increase your capital expenditure but often have to pay extra in power and cooling costs. Right-sizing is a necessity for any savvy-minded management team and by engaging with Britannia Technology Group, we can ensure that you reduce your capex whilst maintaining your required level of performance.




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