Looking to better understand
your IT infrastructure spending?

How we can help:

We will engage with your business directly and guide you through the processes required to work out the real costs of your infrastructure spending.

We will work directly with you via Zoom* and spend a full day understanding your business and how your teams operate. We will listen to where you want to be and work out just where you are now.

Our cost analysis provides you with an evidence-based and agnostic method in which to evaluate a potential IT decision or project. As we operate without personal biases, we can help you outline every cost which in turn can lead to uncovering less obvious aspects and associated hidden costs.

We will work with you to help you understand how modern technologies, such as cloud, can be applied to your organisation and how they can enhance your output and save your business money.

You will have the full and complete ability during the engagement to ask any relevant questions about IT infrastructure, licensing and cloud architecture and design.

At the end of the 1-day engagement we will provide a cost analysis report on the state of your existing systems and give detailed recommendations on what your next steps should be to reach your goals.


*On-site visits are available to arrange for an extra fee.

Direct 1-day engagement

Expedite your path to change implementation

Quickly find out where your business can save

Learn how cloud technologies enhance efficiencies

Examples of areas covered:

⋅ License usage - Are you over provisioned for what your business requires?

⋅ Resource provisioning - Do you have the correct equipment for the work? (Memory/CPU/Disk etc)

⋅ Software  - Could you benefit from moving some applications to the cloud or would you benefit from a hybrid solution?


Who will be running the engagement?

This engagement will be provided by our Chief Technology Officer, Tom Howarth, who is widely known throughout the virtualisation field as a leading architect. Tom has been awarded the VMware vEXPERT award every year since the accolade was introduced in 2009 and has previously worked across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia for organisations including VMWare, CapGemini, Hewlett Packard, AUCloud and the UK Ministry Of Defence.

Ready to take a step forwards?

Our standard 1-Day Cost Analysis Engagement is priced at $1120USD / £800.
Contact us today to find out more details about the engagement and how to book in a session.

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