Looking to enable smarter, data-driven decisions?

How we can help:

We will consult with you to help unlock the power of your data and enable your teams to make greater business-driven decisions. By utilising an array of technologies, such as Microsoft Business Intelligence, we will show you how you can embrace accurate, real-time analytics exactly when and where your team needs them.

Utilising Zoom conferencing* we will spend a full day understanding your current data architecture and evaluate pragmatic but ambitious plans to move you forwards. We will introduce you to what is possible and how utiling our industry leading business intelligence platform can benefit your organisation.

We will help you to understand how cloud technologies can improve your data management and provide clarity on when is best to use a hybrid solution. Understanding your unique needs is key and we will advise what will be best suited to your organisation insteading of simply pushing a trending technology.

At the end of the 1- day engagement we will provide a report on the state of your existing data management systems and give detailed recommendations on what your next steps should be.

*On-site visits are available to arrange for an extra fee.

Direct 1-day engagement

Enable data-driven decisions

Understand how to integrate Business Intelligence platforms

Evaluate Cloud vs Hybrid systems

Examples of areas covered:

⋅ Cloud vs Hybrid - Which is the best solution for you business needs?

⋅ Business Intelligence - How we can improve your decision making at all levels with access to better data

⋅ Big Data - How your organisation can embrace change

Who will be running the engagement?

This engagement will be co-lead by our chief Data Engineer, Dalpreet Singh, a Business Intelligence Analyst with over a decade of experience working with datasets in the UK financial industry. Skilled in Microsoft SQL Server, data visualisation, interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, data modeling, Microsoft Azure and Business Analysis, Dalpreet has a keen understanding of how to effectively manage data having developed systems for companies including Think Money Group and Bet 365.

During this engagement you will also work with Chief Technology Officer, Tom Howarth, who will lend his knowledge of cloud architecture design to provide a fully comprehensive service.

Ready to take a step forwards?

Our 1-Day Data Modernisation Engagement is priced at $1120USD / £800. Contact us today to find out about our next available slot.

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