Ensuring your business has a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place should be key for an organisation of any size. Planning ahead guarantees that should the worst happen, your business won't fail no matter what happens to your infrastructure or data.

Whilst it is possible that you may never need to call upon your emergency plans, it is still a vital aspect which should be fully considered. Just how much time can you really afford to be without access to your IT systems? How long would it take for your company to recover from a loss of data and, just as importantly, would it recover at all?

When planning for disaster scenarios, it is not just data back-ups which must be considered. Recovery testing is key to ensuring a seamless continuity. Will your infrastructure come back online and perform how it should after a power-outage? Do you even know where your data is actually stored? These are the types of issues that, more often than not, lead to substantial financial losses.

Britannia Technology fully understands all facets that could face your infrastructure and will audit your existing system to develop bespoke continuity and contingency strategies. We will robustly help safeguard your business and your future prosperity.


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